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Make Your Home & Life Chemical-free

Handmade Products Using Natural Ingredients, For a Safe and Healthy Family

We are the Environment

Earth | Soil | Water

Lagom (Lah-Gum) is a socially conscious enterprise working to reduce the impact of our everyday living habits on our planet. The Swedish word Lagom stands word for “not too much; not too little; just right” and it captures our vision of living life in balance.

We are inspired by the impact of the hugely transformative effort of Maithreyi and Ajay in their Rural Livelihood Project. The Wild Ideas Trust and its brand Wild Ideas is synonymous with what a collective of women from disadvantaged backgrounds can achieve if provided with an opportunity.

Our online store is the outcome of this inspiration and to contribute to the growth of the Wild Ideas Trust. Lagom is proud to be associated with Wild Ideas Trust and to exclusively retail its entire range of hand made products.

Bridging the Divide

Inclusive | Sustainable | Ethical

By making Wild Ideas products part of your home, you will be directly empowering the lives of these women. 100% of the profits from your purchase go back to the women who make them. Now with Wild Ideas range of home cleaners, it is possible to turn homes chemical free overnight. And the best bit. They are all made using ingredients available locally in and around Tiruvannamalai. 

Lagom is committed to the 84 women who are part of the co-operative, and their perseverance to lead a life of dignity. Lagom is equally committed to the growth of the cooperative, and empowering more and more women to come out of abuse and poverty.

Our Mission

The Swedish word Lagom (Lah-gum) also captures the power of the individual.

It’s a philosophy that we believe is the need of the hour. It is within each one of us to make our actions count–—not too much; not too little; just right.. We believe that there are no small and big actions—only actions that are considerate and meaningful to leave a positive impact. And that we all have the power to  change the World through our actions.

An average Indian home releases 15,000 litres of toxic water every month–that’s over 1.8 Lakh litres of contaminated water over a year.  We want to stop this. 

We have two goals–one, to motivate 1 Lakh Indian homes to make the switch to natural alternatives, and two, to bring hundreds of disadvantaged women under the fold of Wild Ideas Trust. 

Wild Ideas Trust

The brain child of Maithreyi and Ajay, Wild Ideas Trust is a Rural Livelihood Project based out of Tiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu. The range of Wild Ideas products for home,  personal care and food is the outcome of the livelihood project. Manufactured by disadvantaged rural women, these products, crafted by hand and using natural ingredients, have become a household name for effectiveness and affordability. And stand testimony to the founding principles of Wild Ideas brand–be good to yourself, your home, and the earth.

In 5 short years, the co-operative has grown from 2 to 84 women, and is a vehicle for transformation.  The intent is to positively impact the community in the villages surrounding Tiruvannamalai.

Plastic free and recyclable packaging

One Step at a Time

From using recycled paper and compostable plastic wherever possible to reusable and recyclable HDPE plastic for cleaning solutions, the effort to find sustainable, practical and economical solutions is a continuous one.

However, we ensure that when the products reach your home, they are packed safely in corrugated paper and recyclable cartons. All easily degradable. If you do come across innovations that you think will help move the cause, do reach us on We would be happy to learn.

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