Wild Ideas Dish Wash Powder - 500g

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Ingredients: Soap berries, Sikakai, Citrus, Tamarind, Bitter Albizia and Wood Ash.
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The Wild Ideas Dish Wash Powder is a powerful natural cleanser that will leave the most greasy pots shiny, clean and fragrant, while protecting hands. Saves on water too.

Benefit: Uses less water, and the used water can be used directly on plants

Directions for Use: Depending on the number of utensils, scoop one or two tablespoons of dish wash powder in a bowl. Mix it with hot to warm water and make it into a loose paste. Dip the scrubber into it and scrub the dishes. A little goes a long way unless it is a very greasy plate or pan. Can even use it to clean the kitchen table top as well as the sink. See the video here.

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