Due to lockdown in certain parts of India, please expect a delay in dispatch and delivery of your orders.

By subscribing with us…

You are not only helping the livelihoods of these women

You are also doing a small part in keeping our environment healthy

Lagom’s Custom Subscription Plans

Lagom introduces “Make Your Own Subscription” model.  Now pick the products you want, the numbers you want, choose the plan and delivery schedule. And viola, they will be delivered home regularly. 

Why Subscription?

One, to make it convenient for you. Not having to remember to order your favourite laundry, floor, dish wash, soaps, hair oils, body moisturiser, and many more.

Two, we want to provide certain predictability to the co-operative. Not only will they be able to plan better they also end up feeling good and confident. 

We hope that in future we are able to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the number of deliveries per year. If you know exactly how much you need for a quarter, then feel free to write to us at wildideas@lagomworld.in and we could create your own personalised quarterly plan. 

We hope to create less waste. Lagom does not use plastic in its packaging. Paper is better than plastic but it still means cutting down trees. We are conscious of that, and ensure that we Reduce as much as possible. 

Reuse & Recycle is important to us too. Hence, most of Wild Ideas products now come in glass bottles and HDPE that can be reused or recycled.

Thank you being on this journey with us. 

Lagom Team


When you include Wild Ideas in your life,
it means you have made a conscious choice to…

Be Gentle on Mother Earth

By not contributing to contaminating our water and soils by using natural products

Empower Rural Communities

For 100% of the profits from your purchase goes to the community of women

Revive Native Knowledge

By overlooking convenience, and opting for simple and natural grandmothers’ recipes.

Nurture You & Your Family

By being kind and good to yourself first, then the family and the Earth.

Free Delivery

for order value of over

Rs. 1,500

In Bangalore

Rs. 2,000

In South India

Rs. 2,500

Rest of India

* Not applicable to specific Home Care, Vadam and Palm products

Free Delivery